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Faculty of Math & Computing

Upcoming Math Bowl Information


Deadline for participation in the Math Bowl: April 5. Application forms for Math Bowl XLIV and the $27.00 per person entry fee must be received by Scott Hyde at the address indicated on the form on or before the deadline.

Entry Fee

  1. To partially defray the cost of printing programs, problems, certificates, trophies, lunch, facilities, and equipment, each person (coach, chaperone, student participant, student observer) that attends the Math Bowl will be assessed by the entry fee. Please do note that the entry fee does not cover the costs.
  2. Outer island teams are especially invited to compete but must provide their own air transportation costs, vehicle renting expenses, as well as lodging and food charges in addition to the entry fee. This applies to Oahu teams when we travel to an outer island as well.
  3. All entry fee checks should be made payable to the Brigham Young University–Hawaii Math Department
  4. All lodging, vehicle renting, and air transportation payments should be made directly through the appropriate vendor(s).

Update Food and Refreshments

A lunch will be provided immediately after the Math Bowl during which the awards will be presented. Refreshments will be provided during the Math Bowl contest. Your participation/entry fee will help to pay the costs of the refreshments and lunch.


The following are co-hosting the State Hawaii Math Bowl:

  • The Hawaii Council of Teachers of Mathematics
  • Brigham Young University–Hawaii
  • Kamehameha Schools — Hawai'i

Math Bowl XLIV will be held at Kamehameha Schools — Hawaii in Kea'au, Hawaii (on the Big Island) on Saturday, May 4 from 8:30 am to approximately 2 pm.