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Mathematics Program

Program Description

The Mathematics Program seeks to develop campus-wide the level of mathematical skills and quantitative and logical reasoning required for individuals to make informed decisions and excel in their chosen disciplines. We also seek to develop these same skills in the larger community. We expect the excellence of our students and work to provide them with intensive learning opportunities. We wish to provide them with the mathematical ability needed to fulfill future leadership roles.

Career Opportunities

the Mathematics major prepares students for careers in teaching, government service, industry, and research, or graduate study in mathematics. The student has two options: the mathematics major and the mathematics education major. the student has three options: B.S. in Mathematics, pure track, B.S. in Mathematics, applied track, and the Mathematics Education major.

Program Outcomes

Upon completing a major in Mathematics, students will:

  • Demonstrate proficiency in Algebra and Trigonometry, as well as Integral, Differential and Multivariable Calculus necessary for success in advanced mathematical studies.
  • Demonstrate content knowledge of both abstract and applied mathematical disciples by stating definitions, salient theorems, and proofs of major theorems and concepts that are core content in upper-division courses
  • Organize and explain their knowledge of logic and mathematical content in the structure of original valid proofs.
  • Apply major definitions, theorems, and algorithms in problem-solving.
  • Use appropriate technological tools while solving mathematical problems.
  • Prepare professionally for graduate school or employment in mathematics or related fields.

Program Contact Information

Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 10 am - 3 pm
Mailbox: BYU–Hawaii #1854
(808) 675-4720


Academic Advisor

Mathematics Program Faculty

Tuan Pham

Assistant Professor
SCB 316
(808) 675-3044

Paul Hurst

Associate Professor
SCB 332
(808) 675-3802

Larry Smart

Online Instructor (LLC)

Joyce Smart

Online Instructor (LLC)