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Information Systems Program

Program Description

Information Systems prepared students to help organizations achieve competitive advantage through acquisition, deployment, and management of information systems resources and services. Students learn to develop the computer-based systems and technology infrastructure used in organization processes. The effective and efficient use of information and communications technologies is vital to virtually all businesses and non-profit organizations.

Career Opportunities

Information graduates work in organizations of all types of sizes. They help leverage the investment in technology for the strategic advantage of businesses and non-profit organizations. information System professionals serve as the bridge between an organization's technical and business operations. Employment opportunities are abundant and include areas such as systems analysis, software project management, and enterprise database design. Students are also prepared for graduate studies.

Program Outcomes

Upon completing a major in Information Systems. a student will have an understanding of processes that support the delivery and management of information systems within a specific application environment.

Program Requirements


Academic Advisor

Program Faculty

Aaron Curtis

Associate Professor/Dean
HGB 244
(808) 675-4746